Center for Technology and Behavioral Health

As tech companies flood the marketplace with new digital health tools promising to improve health and healthcare, few are conducting the scientific studies needed to ensure safety, efficacy, and ethical use. The Center for Technology and Behavioral Health at Geisel is one of the few organizations to bring scientific rigor and ethics to this space.

The center develops, evaluates, and deploys a wide array of digital tools to help individuals recovering from opioid use disorders, struggling with depression, trying to quit smoking, and many other behavioral health issues. Researchers at the center—which is a federally designated center of excellence—come from a wide range of disciplines from across Dartmouth and other institutions and have collaborations worldwide.

Lisa Marsch, PhD, is the Andrew G. Wallace Professor at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and the director of the Center for Technology and Behavioral Health. Read Marsch’s essay on digital health tools being a “virtual clinician” in your pocket.