Lung Biology Center

Overcoming chronic and deadly lung diseases is the focus of over 200 scientists, physicians, and students who collaborate through Dartmouth’s Lung Biology Center. With a special focus on cystic fibrosis, this team has improved the daily lives and health of tens of thousands of children. The center’s contributions to the understanding and treatment of cystic fibrosis and other lung diseases has resulted in the following:

  • Discovery of new medications for cystic fibrosis
  • Breakthroughs in the battle against lung infections
  • Transformations in the care of patients with cystic fibrosis, leading to longer life expectancies for this vulnerable population

With greater philanthropic support, scientists, physicians, and students at the Lung Biology Center will discover new ways to combat antibiotic resistance; test novel methods of medicine delivery; develop better diagnostics to more rapidly and precisely treat dangerous infections; employ stem cell injections to repair damaged lungs; and create computational disease models to accelerate discovery and personalize patient care.

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