Medical Education and Student Programs

Department of Medical Education. Educating tomorrow’s physicians is—and must remain—a dynamic endeavor. We must continually evaluate our curriculum and programs; embrace the best educational practices from all fields, not just medicine; and create more effective and efficient models for educating the complete physician. The Department of Medical Education serves as an academic home for faculty dedicated to ongoing innovation and scholarship in the field of MD education and is the driving force behind Geisel’s commitment to educate complete physicians.
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives. Geisel seeks to create a healthy, equitable learning environment for all students. To do that, it must work to overcome inequity, bias, and racism in all of its forms and to provide the supports necessary for students and faculty from underrepresented backgrounds to thrive.
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Geisel’s MD Student Coaching Program. This program provides every medical student with a dedicated faculty advisor who supports their professional development and decision-making throughout their time at Geisel. As a founding member of the Kern National Network, Geisel is placing a special emphasis on professional character development.
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Healthy Students, Healthy Physicians. Launched in late 2019, Healthy Students, Healthy Physicians is a comprehensive mental health wellness and resiliency training program. It also provides mental health screening and convenient, timely access to counseling at no cost to students. Most importantly, it prepares students to meet the stresses and challenges of their profession and seeks to overcome the stigma of mental illness among healthcare workers.
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