The world needs Dartmouth-trained, complete physicians. A lack of financial resources should never stand in the way of pursuing a Dartmouth medical education.

Through a combination of scholarships and loans, Geisel strives to meet every student’s financial needs. But Geisel’s scholarship funds are not keeping pace with the increasing financial needs of students, and the average debt of Geisel graduates is rising:

  • More than 40% of Geisel students graduate with $200,000 or more in medical school debt.
  • Geisel provides almost $5 million in scholarship aid to medical students every year, but much more is needed.

Through this campaign, Geisel seeks to raise $20 million in new scholarship support to lessen the debt burden of our graduates, to ensure that our students’ career choices are driven by their passions and not debt, and to help attract and retain top applicants from diverse backgrounds.

Make a gift to scholarships today to ensure that the best applicants from diverse backgrounds choose Geisel.