Innovate to Overcome Cancer

Our Vision

We will accelerate discovery and innovation and transform the future of cancer prevention and treatment by leveraging our Cancer Center’s deep integration across all of Dartmouth College and Dartmouth-Hitchcock. These advances will reach beyond cancer, informing other disease prevention and treatment strategies.

How we will overcome cancer

Prevention. We will stop cancer before it starts by developing the tools needed to map any individual’s lifetime genetic, behavioral, and environmental risk factors for cancer, and create bold new strategies to mitigate those risks. This means identifying risks that sometimes take root in the earliest stages of life and continue through adolescence. This also means empowering adults with the information and tools they need to choose a personalized cancer prevention path that aligns with their goals and values.
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Next-Generation Immunotherapy and Innovation. We will develop new, more effective, and less toxic cancer therapies and technologies. For most patients, current immunotherapies are either not applicable to their particular cancer or trigger hard-to-tolerate, sometimes life-threatening side effects that may make subsequent therapies more difficult. That’s why Dartmouth scientists and physicians are creating the next generation of immunotherapies—three of which are now being tested in multinational clinical trials.
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Entrepreneurship. We will bring the most promising innovations to market and to patients quickly through the new Dartmouth Innovations Accelerator for Cancer. Launched with gifts from five Dartmouth alumni, this initiative will help researchers bring innovations to the marketplace for the benefit of cancer patients—and will provide Dartmouth students with learning opportunities in biomedical entrepreneurship.
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Educating Innovators. We will train the next generation of physicians, scientists, and healthcare leaders by providing all Dartmouth students with in-depth, experiential learning opportunities, preparing them to tackle the world’s biggest problems using collaborative approaches.
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