The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

Nothing is more personal than our health. Yet we, as patients, are rarely empowered to become true partners in our care. Too often, our experiences with the health system leave us with more questions than answers: Did my doctor really understand my concerns? Why was that test ordered? Is this the best medication for me? And why does it all cost so much?

A revolution is needed in healthcare and The Dartmouth Institute is poised to lead the way.

Physicians and researchers at The Dartmouth Institute are collaborating with patients and families on multiple initiatives to redesign care for people with serious and life-limiting illnesses.

The Dartmouth Institute is catalyzing positive changes in healthcare through multiple strategies.

Discovering, evaluating, and disseminating healthcare solutions that address the urgent problems of cost, quality, and inequity. Physicians, nurses, and researchers from across Dartmouth are partnering with patients to design new ways of delivering care in which patient’s values and goals guide decisions. Read more about one of these initiatives, the Levy Health Care Delivery Incubator.

Leveraging the most comprehensive repository of public and private health services data to guide policy decisions. The Dartmouth Institute’s Data Analytics Core allows researchers from across Dartmouth and beyond to analyze healthcare utilization and outcomes. For example, learn how The Dartmouth Institute is mapping COVID-19 infections and hospital capacity nationwide.

Educating and inspiring physicians, nurses, business leaders, and policy makers to lead the change that’s needed in healthcare. Through pioneering educational programs available to all levels of students—including undergraduate, graduate, and working professionals—The Dartmouth Institute is training a cadre of healthcare change agents. Learn more about The Dartmouth Institute’s degree programs.

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