Why Geisel

Now more than ever, we need high-performing healthcare systems and healthcare leaders and researchers working together to create a healthier, more equitable, more resilient world.

Vital to Dartmouth

  • 70% of all research grants and contracts at Dartmouth are obtained by Geisel faculty
  • >70% of all licensing royalties that Dartmouth receives originated with medial school discoveries
  • #1 provider of mentored research opportunities for Dartmouth undergraduates. More than 200 undergraduates per year conduct research in Geisel labs.

Preparing Health Care Leaders

  • >7,300 applicants each year for 92 spots in each MD class
  • 403 MD students, including joint degree programs: MD-MPH, MD-PhD, MD-MBA
  • 117 MPH, MBA-MPH, MD-MPH students in healthcare delivery science
  • 1st institution to offer degree program in health care delivery science

Learn how Geisel physicians and researchers are responding to COVID-19.

Five Ways That Geisel Has Changed—and Is Changing—the World